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Headlight Switch Terminals

A general description of what the pins on a headlight switch mean, in case you need to adapt a switch or are upgrading your headlights to add relays.

  • B1 - Headlight power, switches on second pull to H
  • B2 - Power for all other illumination
  • D - Dome light, connects to ground when the switch is turned full CCW
  • H - Headlights, on at second pull
  • I - Illumination, on during both first and second pull and controlled by rheostat
  • P - Parking Lights, on at first pull only and not used (See expiation below)
  • R - Rear Lights, on at first and second pulls and connected to marker lights, connected to P on first pull

Prior to 1968 front parking lights were off when headlights were on. For 1968 the laws changed and the front parking lights were required to stay on so that if a headlight burned out that the car retained a lit bulb on that side and was not confused by oncoming drivers for a motorcycle. Since then the lights were ganged on the terminal for the rear marker lights.

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