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Tires and Wheels

Stock sizes:

  • 195/75R15      26.5" (Standard)
  • 205/65R15      25.5"
  • 215/65R15       26"

Tires wider then 225 may rub when turning, and taller tires may rub on the fenders on all wheels. The 205/75R15 is 27" and about 2% off on the speedometer. It has the advantage of being a common, and therefore inexpenisve, tire size.

Jeep Cherokee 81-01 rims fit most AMC cars, but Eagle rims will not fit over many other AMC drums and calipers without a spacer.

Stock back-spacing is 4.5" (40 mm / 1.5" offset) and the stock rim is 6" wide on a 5 x 4.5 pattern.

Fuel System

A 1972-1982 CJ sending unit should fit if you adjust the feed tube. You'll have to bend the angle of the pickup tube slightly to prevent it from bottoming in the tank. The resistance should the same; between 10 ohms in the full position and 78 ohms empty.


Pre-1982 Axles may have either inside or outside clips on the rear axle yoke. After 1982 the rear axle was standardized so that all four universal joints in the car would be identical.