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Group 18 - Window Wiper - Washer

Adjustment of Wipers

Streaks and Shudders

If your wipers leave streaks or shudder, there's not much you can do about it. No one sells you replacement springs and NOS wiper arms are difficult to come by. I would be happy to know of any part numbers you may have.

If your springs are still in acceptable condition, the first thing to do would be remove the springs and bend the hooks down closer to the spring body, effectively shortening the spring. That may be enough to restore your wipers.

Top of Driver's Wiper Hits Side

Another common problem is that your driver's side wiper arm may hit the side of the windshield, even when you have the wiper adjusted as low as you can on the attachment knob. If you are just having the top of the wiper hitting, you can make an adjustment.

The cam arm has a little jog, or compound bend at the bottom. By adjusting this bend you can effectively make the cam arm longer or shorter. Making it shorter will move the top of the wiper blade toward the center of the windshield when it is straight up, making it longer will move the top of blade toward the edge of the windshield. You want to strive for as close to parallel to the edge as possible for correct sweep.

Wipers Cannot Hide Without Hitting the Cowl

One of the unfortunate problems with the hide-a-way wipers in the Pacer is that there is a narrow gap for the wipers to hide. Most normal wipers are too tall to fit. Trico Classic blades will fit, I'm not sure about other brands, and I have no experience with beam blades. I welcome feedback.