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Welcome to the PacerPedia, soon to be your information for all things AMC pacer.

As I work on my project Pacer I am struck with the difficulty of finding information about various aspect, even with a Technical Service Manual (TSM) handy. There are various specs, procedures, and part numbers that either don't exist or are just plain wrong.

Here I hope to provide the American Motors Pacer enthusiast or driver with the correct information to keep this unique and wonderful car on the road.

Sections are organized similar to the 1980-1988 TSMs and Parts manuals that AMC produced.

And please, if you have any information to contribute, please contact me.


Group 1 Engine
Group 2 Cooling - Grille
Group 3 Electrical, Engine
Group 4 Fuel
Group 5 Clutch - Manual Transmission
Group 6 Automatic Transmission
Group 7 Vacuum - Emissions
Group 8 Brakes - Wheels
Group 9 Axles - Propeller Shafts
Group 10 Front Suspension
Group 11 Rear Suspension
Group 12 Overdrive
Group 13 Steering - Steering Gear
Group 14 Heater - Air Conditioning
Group 15 Hood - Fenders - Bumpers
Group 16 Doors - Hardware
Group 17 Glass - Channels
Group 18 Window Wiper - Washer
Group 19 Body Moldings
Group 20 Body/Chassis Miscellaneous
Group 21 Accessories
Group 22 Seats - Soft Trim
Group 23 Interior
Group 24 Electrical, Body
Group 25 Instruments - Electrical, Dash
Group 26 Electrical, Radio
Group 27
Group 28
Group 29
Group 30 Miscellaneous

Appendix A Accessory Connectors
Appendix B Fuses and Fusible Links
Appendix C Electrical Modifications
Appendix D Laycock-De Normanville Overdrive Modifications
Appendix E Ignition Tips, Swaps, and Upgrades
Appendix F Factory Engine and Camshaft Specifications 75-88
Appendix G Accessories and Options
Appendix H VIN numbers