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Another Random Observation

If you happen to have a 76 Pacer with the one-year three-speed manual overdrive option, just remember there are TWO connectors on the driver's side of the transmission. One for the back-up light and one for third gear. They use the same connector.

Importantly the front one is the third gear switch for Overdrive. The back one is the reverse switch for back-up lights. It's the opposite of intutitive.

It's also important to note when you have to rebuild harnesses because the wire has rotted.


Pacer Front Drums

Anyone replacing their front drums would do well to realize that most auto parts chains have 9" front drums listed in their computers. As far as I can tell the Pacer never came with 9" front drums. Usually the manufacturer's books have the correct 10" drum listed.

Part numbers for front drums are:

  • Raybestos 2506 (Factory style, discontinued)
  • Raybestos 1510 (Unknown style)
  • AC Delco 18B495
  • Wagner BD 60158
  • BrakeBest Select 3502RGS (O'Reilly brand) 

The Wagner BD 60309 may work, it is listed along side the 60158 for several 60-74 AMC cars with 10x2 1/2 front brakes.

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