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My Netatalk 3.1 Install

I used the following configuration on Ubuntu:

./configure --with-default-backend=dbd --with-pam --with-ssl --with-libgcrypt --enable-zeroconf --with-acls --with-cracklib --with-tracker-pkg-config=tracker-sparql-0.14 --with-tracker-miner-pkg-config=tracker-miner-0.14

Make sure you get all the necessary packages, it's easiest to cut-and-paste to the command line. If you get errors you'll probably need the "-dev" bits. It's understood by the "Gurus" but not obvious to the casual administrator that when you build a package rather than downloading a pre-buit package you need the dev packages to get them to connect.

Of course the developers have all that installed, they're the developers! But they forget the rest of us aren't. We're just looking for a well built tool.

You really want the latest build, not the old one in Ubuntu's repositories.

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