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T-150 Clutches

The T-150 (or T150 or 150-T) Tremec 3-speed trasmission has several clutch sizes available. (1-1/16 10 spline input)

9 Inch
(AMC Car Applications)

Kit - SACHS Part # K166904
Kit -
ACDELCO Part # 381136 replaces 88989157

Disk - SACHS Part # SD1228

10-1/2 Inch (10.4)
(Jeep 258/V8 Applications)

Kit - SACHS Part # K151001
Kit -
ACDELCO Part # 381143 replaces 88989164

11 Inch (10.95)
(Large Jeep Applications with 258)

Kit - SACHS Part # K185801
Kit - ACDELCO Part # 381155 replaces 88989180

While the 9" is adequate for a 232 or 258 in stock form, those considering any performance upgrades should consider the larger clutches.

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